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Issue No. 29 Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 magazine featured:

Issue 29

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Editorial by David Jones

Report from ITS Stand at Autumn Sale by Clive Humphreys

Keeping Turacos by Peter Legg

The Doves, Parrots, Louries and Cuckoos of Southern Africa reviewed by Clive Humphreys

European Zoos Involved in Turaco Conservation by David Gomis

Turacos - Personal Observations: Part 1 by Gareth Freeman

Notes from the Co-Editor Clive Humphreys: Poisonous Plants and Turacos, Ruwenzori Turacos, Ethiopian Project

Assessment of the Influences of Hybridization and Habitat Destruction to the Survival of Prince Ruspoli's Turaco by Tolera Kumsa

Member News

Foreign Bird Federation by Nigel Hewston



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