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Issue No. 32 Autumn 2009

The Autumn 2009 magazine featured:

Issue 32

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Editorial by David Jones

Chairman's Report - I.T.S. AGM April 2009 by David Jones

Breeding the Lady Ross Turaco (Musophaga rossae) at Cotswold Wildlife Park by Christopher Green

Visit to Attica Zoo, Greece by Ben Potterton

The Mystery of Turacin and Turacoverdin: Why do Turacos have Unique Feather Pigments? by Drs. Wendy Hood and Geoffrey Hill

Taxidermy by Lee Hanson

On the Look-out for Turacos - School Exchange to Kenya by Jade Jones

Notes from the Co-editor:

  1. Turaco Management Issues
  2. Census Taking, Data on & the Status of Turacos in Captivity
  3. Aggression in Captive Birds
  4. Trapping and Handling Turacos
  5. Cordia Berries

Member News: Clive Humphreys, Andrew and Audrey Perkins, Chris Green, Darren Lanca, Jonathan Beilby and David Woolcock



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