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Issue No. 34 Autumn 2010

The Autumn 2010 magazine featured:

Issue 34

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Editorial by David Jones

Chairman's Report - I.T.S. AGM April 2010 by David Jones

Breeding Attempts of Musophaga species at Edinburgh Zoo, RZSS by Gavin Harrison

Breeding of the Green-crested Turaco Tauraco Persa Persa by Craig Holmes

Avian Rearing Resource Website by Louise Peat

Turaco photos by Hugh Chittenden

Proposal for fundraising towards a data collection expedition for Red-crested Turaco by Louise Peat

An Artist's Encounter with a Red-crested Turaco by Romaine Dennistoun

Long-term Hopes with White-cheeked Turacos by David Wardell

Notes from Clive Humphreys: (A) Longevity in Turacos and Hornbills (B) Incubation settings for Turacos

Member News:
Cotswold Wildlife Park - Turacos in 2010 by Chris Green
Blackbrook - Turaco Update by Jonathan Beilby
Chris Green - Baby Jack
Nigel Hewston - Marriage
Clive Humphreys - Son Jasper
Daniel Almaguer - Great Blue and Violaceous photographs
Jonathan Beilby - White-cheeked at last
David Wardell - Turaco paintings

The effects of age! by Louise Peat

Help with a problem - by Jason Waine

An unusual sighting in Malaysia - by Harry Boswell




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