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Issue No. 38 Winter 2012 - 13

The Winter 2012 - 13 magazine featured:

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Editorial David Jones

Chairman’s Report – I.T.S. AGM April 2012 David Jones

Rearing the Violet Turaco by Andrea Gruntova

A visit to the Czech Republic by Nigel Hewston

Aggressive Behaviour in Turaco Species by Louise Peat

ITS Stand at Stafford Show 14/10/12 by David Jones

Turaco Photo by Tod Peterson

On the Coffee Farm with Turacos by Denis Twinamatsiko

The Aims of the International Turaco Society 2013 by Clive Humphreys

Turacos in Old South African Book ‘Zoology of South Africa’ by Dr. Andrew Smith 1839 by David Jones

Transitional subspecies between Knysna, Livingstone's and Schalow's Turaco populations and their patchy distribution by Clive Humphreys

ITS Editorial Notes by Clive Humphreys

Return Visit to California by Jonathan Beilby

A Gambian Holiday by Patricia and Brian Faulkner

Member News: Jonathan Beilby, Cotswold Wildlife Park by Chris Green, Mrs. C. Sear, Nigel Hewston and Adriano Di Ruscio



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