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Issue No. 42 Winter 2014

The Winter 2014 magazine featured:

Issue 42

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Editorial - Georgie Jefferies

Journal Publications of Turaco Research - Georgie Jefferies

Iselbergs and Turacos - Clive Humphreys

Jurong Bird Park - Editor's Interview with Dr Luis Carlos, Assistant Director

Egg-laying (Oviposition) Times in Turacos - Clive Humphreys

Community Share Pages - What substrate do you supply your turacos?

Some Thoughts on Turaco Diet - Nigel Hewston

Tropical Visitor to Kent - Jennifer

Breast Wash Colouration in Turacos - Clive Humphreys

PhD Report from Angola - Louise Peat

Kumbira Field Trip Report 2014 - Aimy Cáceres Pinedo

Red-crested Turaco Nutritional Study: One year on - Alex Hulbert

One Minute Interview - Alex Hulbert

Anecdote - Ross's Turaco in British Film - Clive Humphreys

Word Search Quiz - Clive Humphreys

Turaco Taxonomy - Related to Bustards it Seems! - Jonathan Beilby



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