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Issue No. 43 Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 magazine featured:

Issue 43

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Editorial - Georgie Jefferies

AGM at Cotswold Wildlife Park on 13th April 2014 and other I.T.S. activities during 2014 - Clive Humphreys

Turaco Genetic Study - Stewart and Abby still need your help.

Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts - Georgie Jefferies

Puzzle Corner - Georgie Jefferies

Answers to Clive's Quiz in Issue 42 - David Jones

Community Share Pages: 'Construction Materials'

Book Review 'Turacos in Aviculture' - Clive Humphreys

To Head Zookeepers & Breeders in N. America - Nikki Smith

New I.T.S. Member in Cameroon - Simon Tamungang

Avian Egg Incubation Workshop 2015 - Nikki Smith

Features of African Geography and their Contributions to Speciation of its Indigenous Turacos (and Hornbills) - Clive Humphreys

Turacos in Semi-desert - Clive Humphreys

Turacos on Oceanic Islands - Clive Humphreys

Presenting at the EAZA Conference - Alex Hulbert

Turaco in Langton Green Update - Jennifer / Georgie Jefferies

Observation of Pink or Purple Flecking on a Mature White-cheeked Turaco - David Jones



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