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Summer 2019 Issue No. 51

Issue 51

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The Summer 2019 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial - David Jones

Schalow’s Turaco - From Rescue to Release - Alma van Dorenmalen

Michel Klat – Obituary - Audrey Perkins

Update on the Year of the Turaco Celebration in Cameroon - Mfombo Didacus Tamambang

Unidentified Turaco - Estelle Hoffman

Great Blue Turaco - Louise Peat

I.T.S. Facebook Group News - Clive Humphreys

Louise Peat Committee Member

Tori Turaco - Louise Peat

The Turacos of Birds At Thirty - Antony Clarke

Visit to Birds At Thirty - Jasper Humphreys

The International Turaco Society Supports The Vrettos Award Scheme - Sarah Fox

Calling all website designers - Louise Peat



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