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Autumn 2022 Issue No. 58

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The Autumn 2022 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial Abbie Loader

International Turaco Society AGM 2022

Chairmanís Report 2022 David Jones

Go-away-bird Behaviour Clive Humphreys

Parrot Society UK Stafford Show David Jones

ITS Membersí Survey April 2022 Louise Peat

Breeding Lady Rossís Turacos Jean Pierre Ricard

Turaco Matching Game

Biodiversity Heritage Library Nigel Hewston

Turacos in Other Languages Clive Humphreys

Animal Jam Classic

International Turaco Society Social Media Updates

Some Observations of Musophagidae in Captivity Ė Recap Myles Lamont 2005

Turacos in the Feathered World Rainer Berenz

Turaco Matching Game Answers



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