About Our Society
The Aims of the Society
The objectives of the International Turaco Society are twofold: Firstly, we encourage anyone interested in keeping and breeding turacos in aviculture to join us. Secondly, the Society acts as a forum to collect and disseminate information about the various turaco species. We are particularly interested in increasing understanding of the ecology, behaviour and distribution of the wild Turaco family in Africa and so sometimes sponsor projects in Africa to help achieve this aim.
When Do Members Meet Up?

There is an Annual General Meeting every Spring, and the committee may meet during the year. In addition, there are organised visits to private and public collections, which may include turacos. We attend the Parrot Society Show at Stafford each October with our stand. It is a good place for members to meet and chat. Members are always welcome to come and help run the stand.

I.T.S members receive a twice-yearly magazine, which reports on the birds' behavioural and breeding activities in the wild, as well as news items regarding developments in husbandry techniques for birds in captivity.

Stafford Show 2012
ITS stand at the Stafford Show 14/10/12
David Jones (left) and Darron Corden (right)

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