EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a change in data privacy regulation which defines a broad set of rights and principles governing the protection and use of EU citizens’ data, which came into force on 25th May 2018.

The three main elements of this are:

  1. Consent must be given for data processing, and the way the data will be used must be stated in a way that is easy for the citizen to understand.

    Personal details, supplied by members when joining the International Turaco Society (ITS) or renewing their subscription, are saved by the Chairman, who is also the Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster, so that he can:
    • keep a record of current membership numbers and locations around the world
    • post out copies of magazines and/or send pdf versions of the magazine to paid-up members
    • add personal details to the members’ section of the ITS website, only if asked to do so by the member concerned
    • maintain records of all financial details related to the ITS.

  2. Organizations must clearly state what data is being processed, how it is being processed and with what other organizations the data might be shared.

    Members’ information held by the Chairman on his own personal computer, (automatically backed up to his own password protected Dropbox folder in case of hard disc failure):
    • Name
    • Postal address
    • Telephone number (if supplied)
    • E-mail address (if supplied)
    • When (date), how much (pound sterling) and how (PayPal, bank cheque, cash or bank payment) subscriptions were paid.
    This information might be seen by other committee members of the ITS if this would help with the smooth running of the society, but will not be shown to other members, or to any person or organization outside the ITS. Contact details of a member may be passed to someone else so that they can communicate with each other, but only at the request of the member concerned. An example of this is when members advertise their turacos for sale on the ITS website.

  3. Citizens have a right to be forgotten. That is, they can request that all copies of their data be deleted. They also have a right to be easily able to transfer their data from one organization to another.

    Members can resign from the ITS at any time by informing the Chairman / Membership Secretary. They will then be removed from the members’ list and their personal details will be deleted. The ITS does not hold any personal data which members could transfer to any other organization.

    David Jones - Chairman ITS

When joining the ITS, or renewing your subscription, please complete and submit the form below, or print, complete and post the pdf here (you only need to print and return the second page) to consent (or not) to being sent e-mails. 
If you do not consent to this then you will not be sent any e-mails, except in reply to e-mails sent by you. 
Clearly this will not be applicable if you have not supplied your e-mail address. 
You will only need to complete this form once, unless you wish to change your choices, or resign and later rejoin the ITS.

Pdf members will be deemed to have consented to receive e-mails in relation to having pdf copies of magazines sent to them, but they need to complete the form in relation to the other options.

E-mail consent form

Your name:

Your e-mail:

Your postal address (for identification purposes):

Please indicate which reasons you are happy to receive e-mails about:

  * Membership renewal reminders and acknowledgements

  * Pdf copies of magazines (pdf members see note above)

  * Information about ITS meetings or events, such as our AGM or open days

  * Any other relevant information in relation to the ITS, for example in relation to an article or advert you have placed on the ITS website or in an ITS magazine

If any of these four are left blank, they will be understood to be a 'No'.

If you have any questions or comments, please use this box or contact the chairman / webmaster (details here)

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