White-cheeked Turaco

Distribution map of White-cheeked Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

White-cheeked Turaco

(Tauraco leucotis)

Two sub-species:

(T.l.leucotis, T.l.donaldsoni)

White-cheeked Turaco. Click to enlarge.

The White-cheeked nominate features a dark crest, with the sub-species T.l.donaldsoni differentiated by a pale crimson hind crown. To establish distinctions from T. hartlaubi, look for an orange bill and a broad white cheek lateral on the neck, posterior to the ear covert. This species measures approximately 42-43cm beak to tail, and weighs between 200-315g. Throughout the White-cheeked Turaco's distribution, it is commonly found from 2200-3200m, but has been observed at altitudes nearer 800m. Here it frequents forest habitats, generally feeding on fruits and plant material. The species will also take arthropods, and insect-eating has been seen in captivity when pairs are rearing. The White-cheeked Turaco is probably the most common species kept and bred in captivity. It is popular with enthusiasts for its excited, dynamic behaviour and attractive appearance, coupled with an affordable price for captive-bred specimens. Populations in the United Kingdom are now at a level which renders importation unnecessary.

CITES II: Not globally threatened.

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