Wooden Napkin Ring for sale (£6 plus p&p)


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Wooden Napkin Ring (4.5cm diameter x 5cm tall) (Note: Just one napkin ring left.)
Wooden napkin ring


£6 plus £3.69 postage

European Union

£6 plus £8.45 postage


World 1 (e.g. Canada, S. America, Africa)

£6 plus £12.50 postage


World 2 (e.g. Australia)

£6 plus £13.50 postage


World 3 (USA)

£6 plus £14.25 postage

Available from:

The above item is available by post from:

David Jones, Walnut Tree Cottage, Popes Hill, Newnham, Glos., GL14 1LD, England.

Telephone: (UK) 01452 760420


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